About Me

Hi there! My name is Charissa Olano and I am a multidisciplinary visual artist passionate about all things art and design. I recently graduated from Ryerson University's Creative Industries program where I specialized in Visual Culture, Communications, and Business. Since 2018, I've been producing large-scale digital and traditional artwork for the hospitality industry, and have over 10+ pieces installed in hotels across the United States and Canada.

I use Adobe Suite to create digital paintings, illustrations, graphic designs, page layouts, animations, or videos. Dreams are a major source of inspiration, and have influenced my art style as whimsical, quirky, and otherworldly. My subject matter is often figurative and features women transformed in surreal settings. 

Through my work, my goal is to share a unique vision, a meaningful story, and create transformative experiences for the viewer; and I aim to experience all aspects of the creative process as an artist, director, or curator.

When I'm not drawing in my sketchbook, you can find me cruising on my skateboard or relaxing with my pet hedgehog!

Keep In Touch

If you like my work, I welcome any projects and other collaborative opportunities. Use the form to inquire more, or just to say hi.

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